Costa verde ......

It is so called due to its very prosperous lentiscus, broom, strawberry tree, juniper vegetation, which runs down from the mountains crossing valleys and sandbanks towards the sea.

The beach and dunes of Torre dei Corsari in Costa Verde

Costa Verde (the Green Coast) extends on the South West coast of Sardinia for approximately 47 kilometers, It runs through interminable and fabulous beaches, with rocky small bays, dark and impressive cliffs which sheer above the sea and sand deserts with scented Mediterranean maquis.

Hinterland and mountains of Costa Verde

All around there are mountains and bushes as shaped by the best sculptor: the wind.

It isn't rear to find juniper or other kind of bushes bending to the ground as if they want to bow to a nature which is still virgin and just wants to be respected.

The charm and the magic .....

of an uncontaminated territory with no time relationship due to its economic past which was based on the mining activities till the last mid century. Ingurtosu, Montevecchio and Buggerru were the most important locations providing nearly 10% of the lead and zinc worldwide production.

carrelli minerari abbandonati sulla spiaggia di Piscinas

After the closure of the mining production activities and human activities abandonment, nature took its revenge amazingly flourishing and offering a unique ecosystem.

Una vacanza in Sardegna, in un luogo che ti consentirà lunghe passeggiate nel più totale silenzio

The villages ruins, the abandoned mines buildings and the galleries where even today you might hear the miners' footsteps who once worked there, are now considered real archaeological mining monuments inserted in a magic and silent ecosystem which offers the most fascinating landscapes of the Mediterranean sea, creating a unique atmosphere.

These areas are now considered as real monuments, forming part of Geomineral Historic and Environment Park of Sardinia, this park had been acknowledged by the UNESCO in 1997 as the first park in the world network of Geos/Geoparks.

It is not unusual to see the Sardinian deer, settled for centuries in the area of Costa Verde

This is also the Sardinian deer's homeland, which lived here for centuries and now reigns on these mountains once again, after risking extinction. It isn't unusual, early in the morning, observe deers going by the sea.

Costa Verde (the Green Coast) represents a unique inheritance in Sardinia, as a matter of fact, it has been continuously awarded with the Lega Ambiente 5 sails.

A holiday .....

In Costa Verde (the Green Coast) a holiday can occur by chance, as when you just say I have never been there!

but when you are there you would be involved in an original, no time and even no space, new world. And you may not want to leave that world anymore, a world characterized by dunes, real deserts of sand which sheer towards the sea, creating unique, silent and huge beaches, sandstone walls, fascinating bays, which make you feel fulfilled just by watching them.

There are neither too many resorts or beach furniture but only silence and nature.

There are neither too many hotels, resorts or discos nor animators or beach furniture but only silence, nature, or maybe a few rusty trolleys, together with the ruins of abandoned mineral factories, giving the impression of a ghost village in a western movie.

A holiday in Sardinia, in a place that will allow long walks in total silence.

A holiday in Sardinia, in the Costa Verde and the whole South West coast of Sardinia, you would find a place where you will be able to do long walks surrounded by a total silence, only interrupted by the wind and by the breaking waves, visited by tourists which are mainly looking for peace and their reunion to nature.

You will find a welcome with small accommodation for rent summer houses, bed & breakfast and farm holidays, all with the characteristic of immersing yourself in the typical Sardinian life even more typical in this corner of Sardinia.

It is a paradise which must be explored in detail because it could give great emotions and moments of deep attraction.