Events, shows and celebrations

Santadi - Saint'Antonio by Padova celebration

In June (from 12 up to 15) many costume dressed inhabitants carry Saint's statue from Arbus to Sant'Antonio di Santadi (33 km).

This procession includes almost 70 knights, a coach with Saint's statue drawing by oxen and walking faithful people.

During the four days celebration, you can enjoy folklore and gastronomic shows.

Marceddì - Blessed Virgin Bonaria celebration

In August (2nd sunday after 15 August) all fishermen share this celebration, they carry Madonna's statue on the sea to bless their boats and ask her protection when fishing.

The day before they are used to organize a grey mullets barbeque.

Montevecchio - Arresojas

More and more people are interesting in the biennial forging cutlery art fair organized by Local Tourist Authority of Guspini, it develops at the end of July - beginning of August in Montevecchio mine village.

You can get further information on site,

Montevecchio - Honey fair

In order to exploit local resources, the mining town of Montevecchio hosts, 23 and 24 August 2014, the twenty-first edition of the festival of honey: this is the best opportunity to both taste the different varieties of honey and confectionery products traditional.

The festival usually takes place over two days, during which you can also carry out visits to mining sites, enjoy various exhibitions at the direction of the palace, and take walks in the woods.

For further information get in touch with Pro Loco di Guspini.

Arbus - Exhibition by Vincenzo Manca

His works well represent local atmosphere with suggestive views, still-lives and old Mine's activity.

Permanent exhibition: Via della Repubblica, 20 - Arbus.

Buggerru - Fish feast

In August a fish feast takes place here, this is the right chance to taste fresh fish and the famous so called fish soup Cassola together with excellent white wines as Monica, Vermentino and Sulcis Carignano.