Tours, excursions and leisure

The whole island has a very ancient geological history and is considered among the most ancient land of Europe as it is rich in natural resources, from the imposing granite mountains of the interior, on the Linas' massif and Arcuentu montain up the wonderful coast, with long stretches of sand interspersed with rocky coves and impressive cliffs.

This wonderful land holds within it an immense geo-mining assets consist of mining, workers' villages, shafts, factories and roads, creating a unique and rare scenario of industrial architecture of great cultural value, historical and architectural interest, which is now merging with nature.

Here we provide you with some indication of excursions, activities, places, places that can help you arrange excursions or make simple, map in hand, excursions.



For lovers of hiking territory, varied, wild and fascinating, exciting offers Routes surrounded by nature and tranquility going to discover plants, animals, waterfalls and incredible scenery.

Mountain biking

For mountain biking enthusiasts the area offers many possibilities for entertainment and mountain biking is the best way to make excursions in close contact with nature, between the coast and inland, in places otherwise accessible only by challenging walks.

Horse Riding

The conformation of the territory and the varied nature allows excursions of duration, difficulty and characteristics, through ancient paths along the beaches and Scivu, Piscinas or inland set in landscaped woods and cork oaks.

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Boat tours

If you wish to admire the unique landscape, unspoilt and wild, the solution is a boat trip, a proposal could be to start from Marina di Arbus or Portu Maga and down south, Piscinas with its dunes, the unpolluted coastline of Scivu and the peninsula of Capo Pecora with its imposing cliffs.

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Rubber dinghy

There are several routes that you can follow to discover a hidden corner of Sardinia, along the paths of the miners and old mule tracks, crossing the Mediterranean maquis and fording rivers.

Routes to discover the unspoiled nature, the Sardinian deer and old mines Montevecchio and Ingurtosu.

Excursions Diving

For diving enthusiasts a unique place in an area little used, isolated, almost wild, characterized by a succession of high cliffs, rocky promontories, coves and large sandy beaches, which offer fantastic sea-bottom with beautiful colors and ricchisimi of flora and fauna.

Places to visit

The dune systems description.

The dunes

Are a feature of all the Costa Verde, but only in the towns of Pistis, Scivu, particularly Piscinas, have given rise to unique phenomena, creating a true Sahara.

What is striking is the presence of vegetation grow because junipers, mastic trees, the sea lily and the poppy yellow sand.

Marceddì the old fishermen village description

Marceddì: The old fishermen village

It is a very small charming fishermen village located in the southern homonymous lagoon in the furthest South of Oristano Gulf

The village, the charming and picturesque, overlooking a large lagoon near the promontory of Capo Frasca and Torre Vecchia, the promenade is a short dirt road a few meters from the sea, which are admitted to the characteristics of typical flat-bottomed boats lagoons used by local fishermen.

It is the ideal place for a stroll or a quiet part trip to buy the morning, fresh fish or to try their hand in the collection of Clams.

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Guspini: Basalti colonnari

On top of the hill Cuccuru Zeppara just Guspini up area, there is an interesting and rare phenomenon of nature, a vertical crack with a columnar hexagonal defined as organ.

The formation of this rare geological phenomenon goes back to the turn of the Miocene and Pliocene, following the ascent of magma to solidify subject to enormous pressure in a very restricted.

Villacidro - The Sa Spendula (Waterfall) description.

Villacidro: Sa Spendula

Sa Spendula means The falls, is known throughout Sardinia, is situated in a beautiful natural Villacidro near to which, a natural monument.

Sa Spendula is a leap jump, 30 meters, the river before reaching the plain Coxinas Campidano.

The literary fame of this cascade is due to Gabriele D'Annunzio who, during a stay in Villacidro in 1882, he dedicated a sonnet published in his famous book Capitan Fracassa.

Villacidro - Villascema (Biddascema). Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Villacidro: Villascema (Biddascema)

It is a park located at the foot of Linas' massif, surrounded and shaded by a beautiful oak forest is one of the most beautiful parks around the country.

The park is a large area equipped for picnics in the shade of towering oaks, with large tables and benches in wood, stone and huge steak for roasting meat.

Is the ideal place to conclude, in a cheerful and carefree, a trip to the area enjoying a family picnic, and maybe make acquaintance with the hospitable local families.

The Giara of Gesturi (Sa Giara) description.

Gesturi: Sa Giara

The Giara of Gesturi, is located in the south central part of the island divided between the municipalities of Gesturi, Genoni, Tuili and Setzu.

It is a training plateau basalt of volcanic origin covering approximately 42 square kilometers and dominates the plain about 600 m sml, is largely covered with beautiful woods of cork and holm oaks.

The Giara is known for the presence of horses of Giara, a particular species between the horse and pony, who lives in the wild integrated perfectly with the environment.

It is an ideal place for children to know something unusual.

The Su Mannau caves. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Fluminimaggiore: Su Mannau caves

The Su Mannau caves are located near Fluminimaggiore town about 59 km from Iglesias, are among the most beautiful and important in Sardinia; are important to the underground rivers, for their overall length, about 8 km, and are of great interest from the standpoint of scientific and archaeological and cave-scientific.

Some beaches not to miss

Piscinas beach description

Piscinas beach

Named this place the beach is simply reductive, about 7 miles of fine golden sand horizon divided by the blue sea and by the blue sky.

The sea is spectacular, just pretty deep, with a sandy bottom and rich in wildlife.

Is immersed in a true golden desert dunes formed by massive, towering up to a hundred yards, that penetrate inland for several miles and plunge into a blue and boundless sea, the impact on the landscape that is created without leave breath.

Scivu beach description

Scivu beach

The beach is a stretch of fine golden sand, about 3 miles, split in two by a small stretch of reef, and embraced by tall and dark sandstone cliffs over which is setting up a thick Mediterranean whose perfume goes up to Sea, Sea of impressive transparency, blends the emerald green and blue.

Is one of the most charming and picturesque coasts of the coast because it is little known and difficult to reach, both because of untouched nature in which it is immersed.

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Cala Domestica beach

It is one of the most beautiful sandy bays of Sardinia, is located at the end of a fantastic bay protected by two high falsesie limestone covered with Mediterranean vegetation, on one of them is a tunnel dug by miners, which allows access to a small beach, called La Caletta, another little gem of this place.

The largest beach, surrounded by an expanse of dunes, is formed by the golden sands of cliffs, the sea is transparent emerald green color with deep blue hues, with a beautiful shallow water suitable for recreation of children.

Cala home is located south of the Costa Verde to about 1.5 km after the village of Buggerru along the SP 83.

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Masua beach

Is a wonderful bay within which are small and enchanting beaches from which you can admire beautiful panoramas.

Small beaches are formed of fine sand interrupted by rocks and cliffs, the sea water the color blue and the bottom is low ideal for families with children.

A short distance from the sea rises prominently the Pan di Zucchero, a real monument of nature, a charming cliff top approximately 132 m, among the highest in Europe, derived from erosion of the sea that determined isolation from the mainland.

Masua is located in the town of Iglesias, much of the Costa Verde after the village of Buggerru.

Visit at old Mines

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Montevecchio: Main managing building

It is situated at the entrance of the village of Montevecchio and was the headquarters of mine, was built at the behest of Giovanni Antonio Sanna, owner of the mine is completed in 1877.

It is built in Renaissance style with elegant finishing touches on three levels, the ground floor and first floor were devoted to technical and administrative offices of the Mine, the second floor was for the residence of the Director, including the private accommodation, the dining room The Empire room, the billiard room and the fabulous Blue Room for the official ceremonies. While the last level, in a totally different, it was the servants with kitchens and housing. The building also brings together the small Church of St. Barbara, patroness of miners.

The building is now completely renovated and furnished with the time to faithfully reproduce every single room, you can visit only by appointment.

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Montevecchio: The Piccalinna' yards

Piccalinna Mine, located in the yards of Eastern is part of the grant nº1 Montevecchio' mines, is the oldest plant of mine.

Mine Piccalinna with its red brick and stone structure is one of the mines more details from the architectural point of view.

The site includes the shaft San Giovanni, the winch room and several buildings which house, in excellent condition, various machines of mine.

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Montevecchio: The workshops

The workshops of the yards of Levant, the foundry, the forge room, the electro-mechanical and carpentry workshops, were created by the mining company to meet the different needs.

The Anglosarda gallery. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Montevecchio: The Anglosarda gallery

It is located in the yards of Levant to Montevecchio, takes its name from the La Piemontese - Compagnia Reale AngloSarda to which the excavation was contracted in 1852.

The gallery is accessible to visitors by allowing the descent and exploration of the subsoil, in search of a glimpse of the life of the mine.

The Telle Mine. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Montevecchio: Telle Mine

Amsicora shaft is the core facilities Mine Telle which is part of the grant nº3 mines Montevecchio.

The first activity date back to 1881 and was named Maestro as shaft located on the main vein of mining is towards Montevecchio, later, in 1936, when it was restored was named Amsicora.

The plant became a symbol of the struggles of the miners, when in 1991 it was occupied by the miners who went down into the pit and remained there for 27 days, to defend their jobs.

The current restoration, carried out in 2000, has enabled the securing and recovery of the buildings of the Mine finally allowed to visit them and appreciate their importance as historical.

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Ingurtosu: The Gal shaft

It is located along the Is Animas valley that from the Ingurtosu village leads to the beach of Piscinas.

Built in 1924, the Gal shaft is part of the yard Harold, which includes the winch room, the castle walls, the workshops and 'tramorgia' for loading mineral destined at Pireddu and Brassey washery.

The structures have been completely renovated and are home to an information point, a multimedia museum that allows you to retrace the history of the territory of temporary exhibitions on various topics and a refreshment bar.

Hobby and Leisure


For lovers of surf-casting the entire coast is a paradise, but certainly the hot spot the most popular are the beaches of Piscinas and Scivu.

In general there are almost all species, bream to murmurs and time, the bass all'ombrina, but fish of a certain size, such as greenhouses, amberjack and not seldom come across in any race.

The best time to fish is just stop the mistral wind, or because during its persistence is almost impossible to stay on the beach, and because the waters are fish populations in search of prey.

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The beaches of the entire coast due to the conformation and exposure to winds are an attraction not to be missed for lovers of surfing.

The hot spots are the most popular beaches Buggerru, Portixeddu, Piscinas and Scivu, but also the beaches of Torre dei Corsari and Tunaria (Porto Palma) are to be proved.

The beach Buggerru was visited by various editions of the Quiksilver Sardinia Surf Trophy and the circuit EPSA (European Professional Surfing Association).

Much care and caution, particularly Piscinas and Scivu because the sea mounts with impressive speed becoming very dangerous.

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For fans and collectors of minerals in the hinterland, because of its shape, the richness of the subsoil and its mining past, is surely not to miss half the research, perhaps some rarities.

At the old mine dumps Ingurtosu you can find minerals Blenda, Galena, Pyrite, Arsenopyrite, and Pyromorphite Bindhelmite.