Arcuentu mountain. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Arcuentu mountain

Arcuentu mountain. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

The Arcuentu mountain is part of the volcanic system which is nearly 8 kilometers long and it parallelly stretches out to the Costa Verde's coast.

Due to its particular structure it is nearly completely uninhabited, in fact here there are huge basaltic peaks and spectacular retaining walls formed by ancient sheets of cooled lave.

There are many aspects of naturalistic interests: on the summit there is an almost inaccessible secular holms-oak wood. As there are no human beings in this environment, it is a unique and completely safe habitat for a big variety of animals as: wild boars, rabbits, wild cats, foxes, common grey partridges and wayfarer hawks.

Climbing up to 784 meters on Monte Arcuentu's top is no doubt a difficult excursion, nevertheless it can't be missed especially when extraordinary landscapes could be observed. On the North side there are Capo Frasca basaltic promontory and Sant'Antonio di Santadi and Marceddì, lacustral area, on the West side there is the coast desert of Piscinas while, on the South side there is the imposing Linas' massif.