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Costa Verde is not only beautiful for its gorgeous beaches and fabulous sea but from everywhere it could be possible to have a fantastic view of the hinterland where there are imposing mountains and hills.

There, there is one of the most diversified geological structures, where the Mediterranean marquis strongly prevails with its holms and cork-oak woods.

Here many different animal species find their natural shelter.

In the South there is the Monte Linas' chain with its highest Sa Perda de Sa Mesa pick, 1236 meters high, while in the North there is Monte Arcuentu's volcanic chain, 784 meters high.

Monte Linas' massif description Monte Linas' massif description

The Linas' massif

is one of the most ancient area formed by granitic rocks, woods and many streams.

Monte Linas' massif and its environment is fundamental for its fauna and flora, in fact there is nearly 45 endemic species, here the Sardinian deer, the royal eagle, and the moufflon live in their uncontaminated habitat.

The Monte Arcuentu description The Monte Arcuentu description

Arcuentu mountain

is part of the volcanic system formed by basaltic peaks and spectacular walls formed by ancient sheets of cooled lave.

On the summit there is an almost inaccessible secular holms-oak wood. As there are no human beings in this environment, it is a unique and completely safe habitat for a big variety of animals as: wild boars, rabbits, wild cats, foxes, common grey partridges and wayfarer hawks.