Buggerru beach. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.


Buggerru beach. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Is a small town that lies between two headlands on the inaccessible valley of Malfidano channel. It was founded in the second part of 800 as an important mineral centre for the exploitation of lead and zinc.

Now it's a higly appreciated tourist place thanks to the wonderful sea, the enchanting beach, the little harbour, the only docking of all Costa Verde.

The sea

Buggerru's shot by ikonos satellite. Enlarge the image.

The ruins of the ancient mineral structures, the so called "Laveria" and the warehouses create a suggestive atmosphere of past time.

The enchanting beach is not busy because Buggerru is less known, it offers a wide gold sandy shore bounded by high cliffs overlooking the sea.

This transparent sea shows magnificent green, blue colours because of the action of sun light and sandy water.

Mistral attracts the surfers that find here the best place to have fun.

The small town

The small town of Buggerru. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery. The small town of Buggerru. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Situated between two imposing headlands covered with luxuriant vegetation and is characterized by small colorful houses, side by side, on the streets and alleys, by steep climbs and steep descents, all to create the special charm of this small town .

The small town center is typical of what has not changed the old provision, namely the square around the various offices and buildings of the mine.

Everything points to the country's past work in the mines, the toil and sacrifice of its people, adding to the charm and offering specific suggestions, in fact, are harmoniously integrated into the ruins of the old home of the miners, the railroads and laverie with the current environment.


Buggerru is equipped with a pharmacy, a first aid station and Carabinieri Station.

There are few tourist accommodations, just a hotel, a holiday farm and one campsite, otherwise you can rent a house by the owners or by local agencies.

There are a kiosk and a coffee shop near the beach, rent beach umbrellas, deck chairs, canoes, twin-hulled boats, rubber dinghies is always at your disposal.

A coast guard rescue is always guaranteed.

At night you can walk the little streets of the town , along the sea or having a rest in the square where you see the ancient mine office buildings.

The small tourist harbour is the only dock one all over Costa Verde, it has 350 spaces for boats, well provided with slipway, crane and drinkable water supply.



The sea of the Costa Verde is typical of the western of Sardinia, it is spectacular and wild, seldom calm, so formidable and sometimes hostile. It is evident that on days when the sea is more agitated and necessary care and caution.


Buggerru offers all you could need for a short or a long stay, otherwise you can buy in Gonnesa, Fluminimaggiore or Iglesias.

Fuel supply

There is a petrol station, other ones are in Gonnesa, Fluminimaggiore and Iglesias.


There is a rest area facilities located north of the country near the sports field opposite the sea, and can discharge sewage and gray, you can also place the burden of water, there are showers and laundry. (Some photos of the rest)

GPS coortinates: 39.4031667 - 008.4025000

How to get there

Buggerru can be reached from either North or South along the state road SS 131, and also can be reached by the resort and localities of Costa Verde.

Coming from the North along state road SS 131, leaving the state road to Marrubiu.

Coming from the South along state road SS 131 out of the state road in Sanluri or coming from the South along state road SS 126, for example from Fluminimaggiore.

Coming from the Costa Verde, localities, for example from the Portu Maga, along the coast towards Piscinas, crossing the old mines valley until Ingurtosu to reach the state road SS 126.