Capo Pecora beach. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Capo Pecora

Capo Pecora beach. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Capo Pecora represents the hypothetical southern border of Costa Verde, a tongue of granite that juts out into the sea, shaped by the incessant action of water and the mistral wind.

It is a town with cliffs overlooking the sea, granite rocks, sparse vegetation and wind, a place far away from everything and everyone, harsh and desolate, but pristine, enchanting and memorable for those who love the sea and nature.

The sea

Capo Pecora's shot by ikonos satellite. Enlarge the image.

The coast is characterized by cliffs overlooking the sea, rocky beaches and clear pebbles and boulders composed of granitic composition polished by the incessant work of the tides, including spring overwhelmingly white lilies.

The water is clear and transparent, un'azzuro intense, the bottom is mainly rocky and rich in flora and fauna, and offers unbelievable reflections and light effects.

It is very thin, so it is ideal to spend moments of relaxation surrounded by the silence and surrounded by unspoilt nature and wildlife.


Recreational facilities are limited to bathing, there is not any kind of receiving services, also there is no kind of settlement nearby, if you will want to go at Capo Pecora you have to be completely self-sufficient.



The sea of the Costa Verde is typical of the western of Sardinia, it is spectacular and wild, seldom calm, so formidable and sometimes hostile. It is evident that on days when the sea is more agitated and necessary care and caution.

Fuel supply

In the sea place of Capo Pecora there are no refueling stations for fuel, the closest petrol stations are located in Fluminimaggiore, Buggerru and Arbus.


There are no rest areas equipped and there are not present any camper service, but you can stop on the various areas at the end of the paved road that leads to the headland.

GPS coordinates: 39.4551670 - 008.3848330

How to get there

Capo Pecora can be reached from either North or South along the state road SS 131, and also can be reached by the resort and localities of Costa Verde.

Coming from the North along state road SS 131, leaving the state road to Marrubiu.

Coming from the South along state road SS 131 out of the state road in Sanluri or coming from the South along state road SS 126, for example from Fluminimaggiore.

Coming from the Costa Verde localities, for example from the Portu Maga, along the coast towards Piscinas, crossing the old mines valley until Ingurtosu to reach the state road SS 126.