Funtanazza beach. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.


Funtanazza beach. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Is a delightful little sea place located in an evocative and charming bay.

In the past it was a summer colony of the Montevecchio mine, called Casa al mare Francesco Sartori, where miners' children where hosted; this colony, which has been completely abandoned for many years, plunges into the Mediterranean marquis and into a wonderful thick pine forest (8 hectares).

The sea

Funtanazza's shot by ikonos satellite. Enlarge the image.

The magnificent gold sand beach, which is nearly one kilometre long, is protected from the wind by a beautiful bay and high cliffs, composed by basaltic volcanic rocks with little caves on the right and a hell volcanic reef on the left.

It's a paradise for children, a sure shallow water with unbelievable colours and a wide variety of fauna and flora are very suitable for their amusement.

These basalt volcanic rocks gave rise to the beach and hold inside an infinite number of molluscs and seaweeds fossils of Miocene Era.


Pharmacy and first aid station are at Portu Maga (9 km far) or Torre dei Corsari (10 km far).

There are no other kind of facilities on the beach at all, no kiosc or rent beach umbrellas, deck chairs and rubber dinghies.



The sea of the Costa Verde is typical of the western of Sardinia, it is spectacular and wild, seldom calm, so formidable and sometimes hostile. It is evident that on days when the sea is more agitated and necessary care and caution.

Fuel supply

In the sea place of Funtanazza there are no refueling stations for fuel, the closest petrol stations are located in Arbus and Guspini.


There are no rest areas equipped and there are not present any camper service, but you can stop in the parking.

GPS coordinates: 39.6136667 - 008.4683333

How to get there

Funtanazza can be reached from either North or South along the state road SS 131, and also can be reached by the resort and localities of Costa Verde.

Coming from the North along state road SS 131, leaving the state road to Marrubiu, is also possible an alternative route, much shorter, making the dam of Marceddì, the dam is not practicable but is commonly used.

Coming from the South along state road SS 131 out of the state road in Sanluri or coming from the South along state road SS 126, for example from Fluminimaggiore.