Gutturu 'e Flumini beach. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Gutturu 'e Flumini

Gutturu 'e Flumini beach. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

Otherwise known as Marina di Arbus, is a small cozy village with picturesque coloured houses. It is situated on the far end of a slope, where there is a multicoloured Mediterranean marquis which goes to the beach.

Just here leaves the spectacular coast road that crosses through Costa Verde until reaching the beach of Piscinas.

The sea

Gutturu 'e Flumini's shot by ikonos satellite. Enlarge the image.

The coast of Gutturu 'e Flumini is bounded by white calcareous rocks in the North and volcanic rocks in the South.

Here you can find dark yellow beaches, whose colour is due to the iron which can be found in it, little pebbly or sandy bays and several unapproachable rocky coves.

The shallow waters are really wonderful and various with alternation of sands and rocks and they show their best colours in sunny weather. This is the ideal place for catching octopus and angling fish.

The coast is a paradise for children, always sure shallow water and wide variety of flora and fauna for their amusement.

The village

The village of Gutturu 'e Flumini. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery. The village of Gutturu 'e Flumini. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

It is a small village of summer homes of the inhabitants of neighboring countries, spread along the main road with a series of delicious and colorful houses that climb up the hillside surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.

The village does not offer much, just two small bars, is very calm and quietness, set in a unique position with incredible views of the sea and delighted by spectacular sunsets.

It is a place that seems made for living a vacation of a seaside resort.


Pharmacy and first aid station are in Portu Maga (almost 4 km far) or Torre dei Corsari (almost 13 km far).

There are no kind of tourist receptivity, there are only a campsite and one Bed & Breakfast nearby. Renting a house or a villa directly by the owners or by local agencies is the only available opportunity.

No facilities on the beach such as kiosk, coffee shop, or renting beach umbrellas, deck chairs or twin - hulled boats.



The sea of the Costa Verde is typical of the western of Sardinia, it is spectacular and wild, seldom calm, so formidable and sometimes hostile. It is evident that on days when the sea is more agitated and necessary care and caution.


Here there's only a little market, you can find another one in Portu Maga, but you can get the best prices buying in the supermarkets and shopping centres of Arbus, Guspini or Terralba.

Fuel supply

In the village of Gutturu 'e Flumini there are no refueling stations for fuel, the closest petrol stations are located in Arbus and Guspini.

How to get there

Gutturu 'e Flumini can be reached from either North or South along the state road SS 131, and also can be reached by the resort and localities of Costa Verde.

Coming from the North along state road SS 131, leaving the state road to Marrubiu, is also possible an alternative route, much shorter, making the dam of Marceddì, the dam is not practicable but is commonly used.

Coming from the South along state road SS 131 out of the state road in Sanluri or coming from the South along state road SS 126, for example from Fluminimaggiore.