Scivu beach. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.


Scivu beach. Enlarge the image and enter photos' gallery.

It is one of the most beautiful coastlines along the coast, little known and difficult to achieve because of the fascinating and beautiful untouched nature in which it is immersed and the lack of any kind of settlement in its vicinity.

A real pearl of the Mediterranean where it is still possible to 'hear' a deafening silence, broken only by the dull sound of the sea, from the sounds of seagulls and the beating of our hearts.

The sea

Scivu's shot by ikonos satellite. Enlarge the image.

Scivu the beach is a long strip of fine golden sand, embraced by tall and dark sandstone cliffs over which is setting up a thick Mediterranean whose scent comes down to the sea, an impressive sea of transparency, founded the Green emerald and the blue more intense.

The beach is about 3 kilometers, cut in two by a small stretch of reef fisherman's paradise, is composed of fine sand called 'talking', because of the muffled sound you can hear walking.

The atmosphere is wonderful at any time of day, and at any time, summer and winter time is more alluring sunset when, under the influence of the setting sun, sand, sandstone cliffs and the sea surrounding are colored red.


Recreational facilities are limited to bathing, near the beach there is a kiosk, you can also rent umbrellas and chairs, the service also is to rent canoes, rowboats and rafts, do not forget the constant, watchful presence of an efficient service rescue.



The sea of the Costa Verde is typical of the western of Sardinia, it is spectacular and wild, seldom calm, so formidable and sometimes hostile. It is evident that on days when the sea is more agitated and necessary care and caution.

Fuel supply

In the sea place of Scivu there are no refueling stations for fuel, the closest petrol stations are located in Arbus, Guspini and Fluminimaggiore.


There are no rest areas equipped and there are not present any camper service, but you can stop in the gravel parking in front of the beach.

There is a small bar where you can order dinner, there are pay showers, but these latest reports are to be verified.

GPS coordinates: 39.4945000 - 008.4135000

How to get there

Scivu can be reached from either North or South along the state road SS 131, and also can be reached by the resort and localities of Costa Verde.

Coming from the North along state road SS 131, leaving the state road to Marrubiu.

Coming from the South along state road SS 131 out of the state road in Sanluri or coming from the South along state road SS 126, for example from Fluminimaggiore.

Coming from the Costa Verde localities, for example from the Portu Maga, along the coast towards Piscinas, crossing the old mines valley until Ingurtosu to reach the state road SS 126.